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About Nick

About Nick

Nick Fit is founded by Nick Smith, a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) through the California Massage Therapy Council, Master Rank black belt in Korean Karate (Chin Mu Kwan Tae Kwon Do Federation), TRX Certified, P90X Certified, multi-sport athlete, Physical Therapy Assisting and most of all a teacher of your body.

Nick is a graduate of Arcadia University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology.  The function of the human body is his passion.  He learned corrective exercises and stabilization techniques while working both as a volunteer and in positions at numerous physical therapy clinics and incorporates these elements into his workout progressions.   

Nick is a lifelong athlete.  He began Traditional Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate) at the age of 6 and has since earned his 4th Degree Master Black Belt.  The tenets of modesty, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit and self-control are the basis of his training style.  


      In high school and in college, Nick served as captain of his, lacrosse, Tae Kwon Do, springboard diving, swimming, and soccer teams.  


He enjoys active hobbies such as calisthenics, scuba diving, slackline, trampoline acrobatics, yoga, mountain and road biking, and basic overall functional fitness!


Nick has extensive experience assisting in rehabilitation of traumatic injuries and pre/post surgical care.  Through a series of hands-on manual stretching and stabilization exercises, Nick can help clients regain pain-free range of motion and the stability to maintain body confidence. 


     For those who have been through rounds of physical therapy but still do not feel 100%, allow Nick  to use his expertise to get you back on the path to a stronger, more flexible, pain-free you!


Nick Fit's motto:

Train For Life


Dynamic, fresh workouts focusing on calisthenics and core synergistic movements combined with an

old school work ethic


  Workouts geared

toward set goals


What do you want to physically achieve in your life?  Whatever that goal, we can make it happen.


Specializing in Deep Tissue and active release movements with the goal of maintaining full range of motion and proper function in all joints


Helping you connect with your body with a greater understanding of anatomy and physiology


Practicing out of my 

studio in the

Lower Haight, San Francisco


Where mind meets muscle to improve overall well-bening 

Nick Fit


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IG @NickFit_Athletix

Fitness Products @RevelAthletix

Tel: (415) 895 - BURN (2876)

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